"I don't envy,
that's your job
and if I were you,
I'd hate me too."

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The Cool Kids.

The rain is actually kinda nice. (at Exchange District)

I guess I take a good #selfie 😉

Black & Gold ✨

Seeing how I’m such a great friend, I’ve decided to post this lovely picture of us. Miss you tons #girlfriends 😘 😂 #tbt @x_alanna_x @cristinavalencia @lidsbahadori

#fitch 🐂

But I still miss you ‘8 💫

Shoes for days ✌️#black

#MCM he’s so hot! 😘😍❤️🙊 (at Churchill Drive)

Back in #WPG 😒 (at Downtown Winnipeg)

2:45 and I’m wishing I was in my bed already.. 😩😒😭 (at Regina, SK)

You know your in #Calgary when.. #COWBOYS 🏇 (at CrossIron Mills)

Last minute shopping ✌️👯 (at CrossIron Mills)

City of Dreams 🌇🌃 (at City of Calgary)

Hashtag live 💁 (at McHugh Bluff Park)

I’ve always loved this hill & view ✌️#calgary (at Scotsman’s Hill)