"I don't envy,

that's your job

and if I were you,

I'd hate me too."

The Cool Kids.

Can’t believe it’s really over. Goodbye Toronto! ✈️ #ywg #goinghome (at Toronto Pearson International Airport)

It’s very rare to meet someone new and be attached to them so quickly. To love a person and to share these great memories with. You’ll forever be my coffee mother. Thanks so much for putting up with my bullshit and for taking care of me. Your words and wisdom is something I hope to achieve later in life. I love you and I’ll see you again soon soul mother ❤️ (at Canadian National Exhibition)

#Toronto your so pretty at 7am. (at Spadina Offramp)

With my sugar bunnies 💕✌️ (at The Guvernment)

#toronto why you gotta be so pretty! ✌️ (at Under the Gardiner)

Thursday night in the big TO! ✌️ (at Crews and Tangos)

Toronto nightlife babyyy. ✌️😘❤️ (at Under the Gardiner)

Going to miss you so much ❤️😘

Sunday nights 😘 @shawsamm @traciekloo @britttgriff

U mad bro? Lol 😂 #WBunkproblems #whowritesthisshit #lolol

Goodnight Toronto ✌️ #home (at Eaton Chelsea)

"I’m bored, can we take selfies?" 😘 #workinghard #hardlyworking #favs #gonnamissthem (at Canadian National Exhibition)

"I’m bored, can we take selfies?" 😘 #workinghard #hardlyworking #favs #gonnamissthem (at Canadian National Exhibition)

Beth’s favorites ❤️ #jk (at Canadian National Exhibition)

Don’t leave me friends! 😥😘 #toronto #summer14 (at Canadian National Exhibition)